Inborn Talents

First and foremost, I am self-taught. I am an enthusiast designer who listens to an idea and conceives everything in my imagination. The challenge then is to put the brainstorm on the computer screen. Visual talent is evident on me. I have also a good manual skill: From early childhood, I have folded origami, and also, cut, measured and drawn complex lines, among other manual practices.

There are 16 years as a designer. My knowledge is about typography, colours, content hierarchy, communication techniques and visual presentation. I offer solutions in branding, marketing and web, in addition to the flagship: UX / UI Design.

Me tomorrow

I see myself in the next future as a successful thinker, requisitioned for lectures, involved with digital innovations and with the development of great international brands, being a promoter of knowledge without frontiers and of a world based on collective well-being and sustainability. My biggest goal is to make a difference for humanity, surrounded by competent people.

Things I hate

The thing I hate most in life is dishonesty. I do not like ostentation neither secondary intentions. I do not like people without content. I do not like extreme inequality. I do not like any extremism.

Things I love

The first relevant gift I won, at age 6, was a Geographic Atlas. I have always been passionate about maps, so I know about demography, geopolitics, toponymy (names of places), a bit of anthropology and linguistics, etc.

A briefing

With two academic experiences — Law and Technology Information —, I am UI/UX designer since 2002, when I debuted as an intern in a local agency, Interativa Digital, then Ponto Criativo and, later, Maisdata, until 2008.

In 2009, I took up a freelance career and until today I work as a freelancer, having between 2013 and 2016 worked for two more relevant projects, the first as creative director in a financial services holding company, Stemoney, and the second a joint venture between an incorporator with a civil construction company, Ritz-G5.


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