I do it simple. I do it well. I do it happen.

Crafting better experiences

Design is founded on the principles of planning. I specialize in improving planning and design through innovative ideas. I am not just a designer, but a passionate advocate for creativity. My areas of expertise include branding, product design, UX/UI design, and UX/content writing.

Project skills & expertise

UX research, data analysis, wireframes and flows, design systems, browseable prototypes, high quality responsive apps and systems interfaces, web design, branding, motions, editorial design and content writing.

UI - 21 years

UX - 6 years

HTML/CSS - 11 years

Logo & Branding - 21 years

Frelancing - 11 years

Contracts - 5 years

Management experience - 2 years

Passionte Hardwork - 21 years


An unusual last name, an amazing creative.

Having the last name 'Mulatinho', meaning 'little mulatto', is a proud heritage for me. I have been inspired by the incredible stories of talented individuals with this background. I view my surname as a tribute to them, despite its origins from past generations.

I have been working as a digital designer since 2002 and pursued a law degree from 2005 to 2013 at UFRN. In 2012, I joined Stepmoney, a company with the goal of serving the 55 million unbanked people in Brazil. Unfortunately, the company and my personal financial stability were severely impacted when it declared bankruptcy in 2014. However, I persevered and have been rebuilding my life since 2018 in Florianópolis.

  • Isaias de Lima Mulatinho
  • 17 Years
  • Portuguese, English, German and French
  • Brainstorming, creating
  • Self-taught, workaholic, proactive