I do it simple. I do it well. I do it happen.

Crafting better experiences

The basis of design is planning. I work planning and designing things better. More than a designer, I am enthusiastic about ideas. My expertise evolves branding, product design, UX/UI design and UX/content writing.


An unusual last name, an amazing creative.

It's a privilege to have as last name 'Mulatinho', that means ‘little mulatto’. From talented little mulattos I have heard amazing life histories. — I like to understand 'Mulatinho' as a tribute to them, although it comes from past generations.

I have worked as digital designer since 2002. Among that time, I studied law from 2005 to 2013 in UFRN. In 2012 I went into Stepmoney, a holding planning to conquest 55M Brazilian unbanked people. In 2014 a tragedy came when the company suddenly bankrupted (me too) and I had to restart from ashes. Since 2018 I live in Florianópolis.

  • Isaias de Lima Mulatinho
  • 17 Years
  • Portuguese, English, German and French
  • Brainstorming, creating
  • Self-taught, workaholic, proactive


Years of Experience



UI Projects


Years of self-studies



Brand Projects
Project skills & expertise

Design systems, prototypes, high-quality interfaces (mobile and web), ux writing, web design, branding, animations, editorial design, origami and more. I use Post-its, Plectica, Lookback, Creative Adobe Suite — featuring Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, In Design and After Effects. Also Sketch (or Lunacy, or Figma), Sublime text, Bootstrap (and similars), Grammarly, Evernote, task lists and Spotify.

UX/UI - 17 years

LOGO & BRANDING - 17 years

HTML/CSS - 8 years

ADOBE SUITE - 15 years

FREELANCER - 11 years

EMPLOYEE - 5 years



The purpose of my life is being a father to my kids and a husband to my wife.

Terrence Howard / American Actor

It's time to leave. I left behind my kids. Vida and Davi: 'Ilo veyou'. We'll be close forever. A better future waits for us in a better place. Both of you will inspire on me: I am fighting to be the best example for you.

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isaias' spirit

Self-Taught & Idealist

I love philosophy. I studied Law (2005-14) and Tecnology Information (2017.1) but what matters to me are self-studies: My QI Level is 140+ according to online tests.

By myself, I have learned English and German, for example. I am a master of maps: The 1st gift I asked Santa it was an Atlas (December 1989). From that times, when I was 6, the interest for origami was already present.

The quest for worldly wisdom have built my identity.

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Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist.

Steve Jobs

My dream was come to Florianópolis, which we adopted as new home in 2018. Some refer to this region as the Brazilian silicon valley and is right here I have to be inserted.