Fintech Holding
The Brief

Introduce a company that intends to revolutionize the financial market in Brazil, offering 55 million Brazilians bank services through a prepaid credit card and an accredited network of establishments where it will be possible to withdraw and deposit money, as well as debit in shopping. The project also involved the development of branding and product marketing.

Final Outcome

A set of websites, apps, videos, and other marketing items featuring products. The products are Provisional Card, Definitive Card, Worker Benefit Cards, TEF, POS and Mobile Payment machines. The holding also has its credit card banner, a club of advantages and a structure of registration of sellers and relationship, via Backoffice.

  • Tools Used

    Mind Meister, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD

  • Skills Developed

    Understanding of financial industry, Branding, Prototyping, Wireframing, User research, UX writing, Collaborating with developers, Team Management, Working with business stakeholders, Project management

  • Category

    Branding, UX/UI, Product

  • Role

    Creative Director + Product Designer + UX/UI Designer

Briidgee is part of Stepmoney. Stepmoney is a financial services startup oriented to 55M brazilian unbanked people with a multi-level marketing system. Their product are a prepaid credit card with an accredited network withdraw system, acquirance, mobile payment, POS/TEF machines and more.

Problem Statement

Stepmoney Brazil projects needed to have an online presence, presentation videos, marketing and design to their products. They wanted sites that appealed to the most popular classes and merchants in general. The purpose was to reach a range of 55 million non-banked Brazilians in 3 years.


To increase sales by converting small businesses into accredited and recruiting freelance sellers to distribute their products. The prepaid credit cards were the main product and the focus was on mass selling to the most popular classes. No less important would be to extend the accredited trade network in general, with attractive incentives and fees.


A set of solutions, each one with its own identity in harmony with the others. For each product, a thematic character was developed to presentation videos, website, numerous stationery items and, in some cases, mobile applications. The temporary card, which would be sold at points of sale, was made from recycled pet bottles and contained a seed in the plastic and could be planted after the final card arrived.

Mulatinho is a high-level professional. He adds creativity with responsibility and delivers us a result, always, above average. The many experiences we had with this designer only made us admire him more and more.

Leandro Mendes
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