Social Network
The Brief

Create an interactive online social networking service application designed for users to add their friends, chat with them, know where they are, and even make new friends. In the application it is still possible to post activities, informing place and date, for example. The client also requested a presentation for the project.

Final Outcome

A native app designed to connect people by sharing their locations and activities, the logo project, a landing page, and some complemental marketing items, including a presentation video.

  • Tools Used

    Plectica, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD

  • Skills Developed

    Understanding of social media industry, Prototyping, Wireframing, User research, UX writing, Script writing, Graphic animation, Project management

  • Category

    Branding, UX/UI, Webdesign

  • Role

    Product Designer + UX/UI Designer

Did you ever think about a social network in which you could access people by the map? Chat with your friends or even unknowns.Wyrker is social network in which you could find and relate to people based on geolocation that promises to revolutionize the interaction between you, the people around you and the places you go to.

Problem Statement

Himni Tech Solutions, a technology company, has been hired to develop a social network geared primarily to youth so that its users share their activities and location with their friends.


Designing an app with a high-tech appeal that allows this youth to integrate with event and location sharing, generating a new concept of social networking that unites much more on the physical plane than on the virtual one. The app should be simple, easy to use and allow quick contact with your network and events shared by your friends.


A modern-looking native app that gives users the ability to easily find people on their network, know where and what they are doing, providing cool features like biometric login, real-time network location, scheduled activities, possibility of creating events, chat with friends and non-friends, among others.

Mulatinho is a high-level professional. He adds creativity with responsibility and delivers us a result, always, above average. The many experiences we had with this designer only made us admire him more and more.

Leandro Mendes
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